How to use Google’s Nearby Share App to send files from Android to Windows PC

Bridging the gap between Android phones and PCs

Google’s Nearby Share is now official. It's like Apple's AirDrop but for Android devices. So, you can share files between your phone, tablet, or Chromebook without needing the internet. No more slow Bluetooth transfers, just zap those files wirelessly. 

The app's launch also includes new features like you can see how long it'll take for your files to transfer. You can even preview images right from the notification, just to make sure you're sending the right file. No more accidental embarrassing pics going to the wrong person! The only thing you need to make it work is for the devices to be within 16 feet of each other.

Let's take you through the process of how you can use Nearby Share for Windows. 

> First things first, you have to download the Nearby Share App from here

> Once it’s downloaded then make sure you login with the same Google ID as your Android smartphone.

> Then make sure your PC's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are up and running.

> After which you can either drag it directly into the Nearby Share app (or window) or just right-click on the file you want to share.

> Once that’s done, Nearby Share will show you a list of devices that are ready to receive your file. 

> Pick the recipient and off your file goes.

Note: Nearby Share is not the same as Window’s Nearby Sharing feature. That’s different!