Ikodoo ANC earbuds come with wind noise suppression and find my buds features

Never lose your buds again

Ikodoo has unveiled its first audio product: the Ikodoo ANC buds in India with a peak noise cancellation depth of 50 dB, wind noise suppression and find my buds features.

Priced at under ₹5000, the ANC earbuds, as per  the brand, boast some of industry leading features aimed at elevating the overall user experience. They feature multi-mode AI acoustic noise reduction and personalised ANC algorithms. The smart anti-wind technology suppresses wind noise, ensuring clear music and calls. And the find my buds feature enables you to track the location of your misplaced earbuds by setting an alert through the app on your smartphone. Ikodoo ANC Earbuds will be available for purchase by the end of March, stay tuned with us for more information.