Ikodoo Buds One come with 50 dB of Active Noise Cancellation and anti-wind feature

Raining earbuds!

A couple of days back we told you about Ikodoo’s upcoming ANC earbuds, the flagship audio device: Ikodoo Buds One has been launched in the Indian market now at a price of ₹4,999.

Buds One comes with a peak noise cancellation depth of 50 dB and environmental noise cancellation algorithm that, as per the brand, allows you to block the ambient noise. Can’t shun a blabbering mortal, try the buds.

The device is also said to have an anti-wind feature that reduces the wind noise. It has a 13.4 mm composite dynamic driver to balance bass and treble. Ikodoo has partnered with Danish sound technology brand Vifa Sound so the buds also boast low-pitched sound enhancement technology. Now, how useful and effective these features are can only be vouched when we’ve tried our hands on it.

A couple of other specs include Bluetooth 5.2 (in the time of BT 5.3), three mics, Find My Buds feature and a 27 hours of battery life with wireless charging. The brand has also launched a pair of budget-friendly ENC earbuds that have lightweight design and a battery life of up to 28 hours. The buds Z come at a cost of ₹999.