imoo Z7 helps you monitor and support your child’s well-being

A watch that's also a phone!

imoo has introduced the imoo Z7, it's a watch for kids that comes with an array of features including voice calling. imoo is branding it as a 'health watchphone,' Why? Well, for starters it's not just for checking the time—it lets kids make calls and snap pics too. But more importantly, because imoo claims it's trying to shake up how parents keep an eye on their little ones, blending wellness, safety, and connectivity into one neat package. 

The device features HD video calling with safety enhancements and location-tracking capabilities. There are also features like call rejection from unknown numbers and a class mode to help minimise distractions during school hours. The Z7 also has a range of connectivity options, including chat and family chat features, making it easy to share moments with family members. The dual-camera setup is there for capturing memorable moments.

Additionally, the imoo Z7 provides health monitoring using PPG tech, enabling continuous tracking of temperature and heart rate. And, an AI-intelligent mood recognition algorithm is also said to offer a comprehensive understanding of a child's physical and emotional health. According to imoo, the Z7 is crafted to inspire physical activity, offering features like activity monitoring and a dedicated swimming mode. Available in blue and pink, the imoo Z7 is priced at ₹14,990.