In Monopoly: Cricket Edition you can build your own dream team

Cricketing fun with a Monopoly twist!

Riding the wave of excitement surrounding the ongoing World Cup 2023, Hasbro has rolled out Monopoly: Cricket Edition. This fresh take on the classic board game is said to be in line with the brand's broader mission to introduce a range of 'Made-In-India' and 'Made-for-India' products.

In Monopoly: Cricket Edition, the properties represent star cricketers, each with their unique skill in batting, bowling, or fielding. Every time you pass or land on GO, you'll face a thrilling match. Players can challenge one another to compete, taking on the roles of batter and bowler, and then switching roles for an action-packed game.

In this edition of Monopoly, victory means not just points but also the chance to perform a bonus action. You can assume the role of a cricket team manager, where you can create your dream team, trade players, and even play mini cricket matches within the game. The ultimate goal is to accumulate as many points as possible by recruiting star cricketers and emerging victorious in matches. This game is priced at ₹999 and is made for players aged 8 and above.