India finally gets the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series laptops

Clash of clans

After many years of teasing us with a Samsung Laptop that usually launches across the seven seas, the Korean giant has finally decided to launch its MacBook rival computers here in India. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro lineup starts at ₹1,06,990, while the bendy twist-it-around for tablet mode 360 version launches at ₹99,990. And lastly, the Galaxy Book Go is going at a cool ₹38,990. 

These are proper Windows laptops with Intel processors. So you won’t be looking for that extra oomph. The Intel 12th Gen (i5 and i7) will keep the daily office grind going while the much more affordable Galaxy Book Go is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor and doesn’t have a fancy AMOLED display that you get in the Intel versions of the Book2 series.

The Book2 Pro stays thin but doesn’t leave out the ports. You get pretty much every port available on a modern thin and light laptop along with 512GB NVMe SSD storage and 16GB of RAM. Both can be upgraded to 1TB and 32GB respectively. 

The Book2 360 comes with a touch display that lets you chalk out your own designs and presentations using the S Pen. It’s based on the Intel Evo platform so expect better battery life, better camera performance and quicker wake-up time. It’s also got DDR5 RAM.

Just like Apple devices, if you throw in a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the whole ecosystem will sing together. Bring in a Samsung tablet and you’ll get an extended screen and the 45W bundled charger will charge your tablet and the Galaxy smartphone. There’s also a base model Samsung Galaxy Book2 going to be announced later in India for a starting price of ₹65,990.