Indus Battle Royale Beta is now live for Android users

Grab your devices, dive in!

Attention gamers! The Indian-made Indus Battle Royale Beta has arrived on Google Play store for Android users.This follows its exclusive beta event for limited iOS users that kicked off in December. Also, pre-registrations for made-in-India battle royale Indus have crossed 8.5 million on Google Play.

The Beta promises to offer the complete battle royale experience along with some new features. Access to the beta, right now, is limited and you will need to obtain an official Indus Beta key site to enter the fray. You can try getting it by pre-registering for the game.

Along with this, a new trailer for the game is also out now. Titled 'Cosmium Changes Everything', this trailer highlights the game's unique selling point that sets it apart from other battle royale titles out there. Unlike traditional matches where the last player or team standing wins, Indus introduces a thrilling twist with the introduction of Cosmium. During the final moments of a game, players have the opportunity to capture Cosmium, an in-game item that can turn the tide of the match in their favour. It's your chance to drop onto the Virlok map, experience all the heart-pounding action, and discover how Indus Battle Royale gives you a whole new way to claim victory!

Here’s how you can get Indus Battle Royale Beta Keys

To secure your spot in the Indus Battle Royale Beta, you can sign up on the official Indus Beta Key site. Remember, keys are in limited supply. Once you receive an Indus Beta key, you can redeem it on the same website. As a special treat for being an early supporter of the game, you will receive unique cosmetic items that will help solidify your status within the Indus community. These items will not be available at launch, so don't miss out on this opportunity!