Indus Battle Royale’s latest playable character is a nuclear automaton named Pokhran

Diwali greetings from SuperGaming!

We always keep you updated on the latest happenings in the Indus Battle Royale, the locally crafted gaming sensation from SuperGaming. Now, in the spirit of Diwali, SuperGaming has just unveiled its newest hero – Pokhran.

This fresh addition to the game's roster, Pokhran, is a nuclear automaton poised to light up the Indus BR map with thrilling and explosive spectacles. In the game's backstory, Pokhran is the brainchild of Homi J. Bhabha, renowned as the real-world "father of the Indian nuclear program."

The trailer reveals Homi J. Bhabha's continuation of his nuclear research, aided by Yaksha technology. His final creation, Pokhran III, emerges as a gift to the people of Indus. Embarking on a fresh journey, Pokhran's mission is to "safeguard this planet and its inhabitants" while prioritising the preservation of power.

In an electrifying scene from the trailer, Pokhran charges up, sending his radiation levels soaring. Bursting forth from a vat, he unleashes a torrent of nuclear energy, obliterating his adversaries. For gamers eagerly awaiting the game, SuperGaming will soon unveil the closed beta dates for Indus.