Intel Core Ultra brings Arc GPUs to thin and light laptops

It’s Arc-tually good

Intel’s 14th Gen processors for the laptop are going to be more capable of generating better frame rates in XeSS-supported video games but don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. The Intel Core Ultra is divided into H and U series with each having four SKUs at the time of writing. The top dog of the lineup is the Intel Core Ultra 7 165H which has 16 cores along with Xe cores for graphical heavy lifting and an NPU for accelerating AI-based tasks. 

These processors are going to be sitting in your upcoming laptops, many of which are going to be available after being announced at CES 2024. As for the naming, so far it feels like Intel has booted the i from the i7 nomenclature and replaced it with Ultra but any processor with Ultra in its name will have Intel Arc GPU for better gaming performance.

According to Intel, the Core Ultra offers up to 1.5x the AI performance, 1.81x the Graphics performance and 2.56x the AI Performance per Watt compared to the previous Gen. Intel didn’t say which generation so it’s anyone's guess. The bottom line, the Intel Core Ultra should be more power efficient and thoroughly capable of running games at a high frame rate without drawing more power thanks to XeSS upscaling, and video and photo editing tasks should be nippy as well thanks to the dedicated NPU for AI-based tools.