iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and other Apple platforms are now available in public betas with India-specific features

A buffet of features to dig in! Happy updating!

Apple has turned up the power and brought some cool features to make your Apple experience better. The Cupertino giant has rolled out the public betas of its iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, watchOS 10 and tvOS 17.

So you’ll have a bi-lingual Siri that can understand and respond to multiple languages. With the new iOS 17, you can have a bilingual chat with Siri. That means you can mix English with Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, or Marathi and Siri will understand you (if not your feelings).

iOS 17 also introduces new transliteration keyboards for major Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, so you can type in your preferred language with ease.This follows the previous update that brought transliteration keyboards for Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, and Hindi. With this addition, iOS now supports transliteration keyboards for 10 languages in India. iOS now has a built-in dictionary in Punjabi. That means you can look up the meanings of words and phrases from various sources. Apple is truly spoiling us with language choices!

With the new update, organising your messages will also get easier. You can not only see your Messages sorted by primary and secondary SIM, you can even set different ringtones for each SIM. No more guessing if it's a work call or a personal call – just let the ringtone do the talking! Oh, and you can now sign into your Apple ID using your phone number instead of an email address.

Additionally, you can enjoy an extended call history in the Recents section of the Phone app, including phone calls, FaceTime calls, and even calls received on WhatsApp. Additionally, when you take a screenshot of a full page in Safari, Mail, or Notes, you can choose to save it as an image or a PDF. And for all you iPad users out there, you can filter your messages by unread, known senders, and unknown senders. After all, it's all about staying organised and in control.

The best part — Apple has made these updates available to absolutely everyone! You don't need to be a tech guru or have any special qualifications. So if you're eager to get a taste of the upcoming software before its stable release in September, all you need to do is click here through the device you want to test the new versions on. Simply log in with your Apple ID and you'll be guided step by step.