Kent Kühl fans are IoT enabled and can save up to 65% power

Cool Kühl, yeah!

The first thing that crosses the mind when you hear Kent is quite plainly water purifier but the brand is now not making only purifiers. The new Kent RO product is the latest Kühl Fan.

The Kühl fans are equipped with WiFi and IoT so they can be controlled via Smartphone, Alexa, or even voice command. Plus, it has a reverse function that efficiently circulates warm air around the room while producing less noise.

Interestingly, these fans are highly energy efficient and can save at least 65% energy, as per the brand. The existing fan comes with a traditional induction-based motor that consumes a substantial amount of electricity whereas the Kühl Fan comes with BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) technology that works on direct current electricity.  In place of electromagnets that are used in conventional motors, BLDC motors use permanent magnets that have less energy and heat losses compared to electromagnets. Thus, lower electricity bills!

There are four series with numerous colours and blade variants for Kühl fans from a starting price of ₹3,999.