Kinetic Green’s Zing is an electric scooter that offers a 125km range

A lot of miles for not a lot of coin

While zipping around potholes may not seem like too much fun, it definitely beats the evils of traffic and overly crowded commutes. Better still, you can now do your part to reduce global warming without spending too much. Priced at ₹85,000(ex-showroom) the Zing High-Speed Scooter (HSS) is an electric scooter that doesn't even cost as much as most premium phones out there.

The scooter is equipped with several features like the multi-speed mode and the part failure indicator. Boasting a range of 125km per charge with a 60kph top speed, this scooter is the perfect solution for making your way around the city. It has been well tested for safety too, so you can rest easy that the lower price tag doesn't take away from your safety.

On the inside, the scooter has an advanced 3.4 KwH lithium-ion battery batteries and comes with 3-step adjustable suspension and a re-generative braking system to provide a smoother ride. So it's time to get yourself a convenient and affordable solution to your endless commute woes, especially since WFH is coming to an end.