Krafton’s Dark and Darker Mobile will launch in 2024

Dungeons, dragons, and a dad joke or two!

Krafton has officially pulled the curtains off 'Dark and Darker Mobile —a game they've crafted especially for mobiles, ensuring it runs like a charm on our handheld screens. Krafton says the title brings a promising blend of dungeon-crawling, RPG depth, and the thrill of battle royale survival, all aiming to bring back the excitement of the original game's extraction-based gameplay.

Dark and Darker Mobile offers you the chance to pick from five diverse classes (Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, and Cleric) as you dive into the adventure, encountering hidden treasures, exploring distinctive environments, and discovering emergent gameplay opportunities along the way.

The game, created by Krafton's Bluehole Studio, made its debut at G-Star 2023, a major international gaming event held in Busan, South Korea. Krafton has also revealed that the game is scheduled to be launched in 2024. The announcement also signifies the game's premiere after Krafton secured an exclusive global licensing deal with Ironmace.