Lego’s fan ideas range gives rise to the Ideas Insects Collection

A bug’s life, but make it Lego

Lego fiends are persistent (some would say like a moth to a flame) and it’s a good thing the brand can keep up with the demand, constantly releasing captivating new sets. There has been no shortage of creativity and thus, the fan-driven Ideas range, a collection renowned for featuring some of the most exceptional fan-made Lego sets available. Recently, this range marked its 50th release, introducing the innovative Ideas Insects Collection — a trio of craftable critters.

Conceived by the inventive Spanish Lego aficionado José María Pérez Suero, the Insects Collection showcases a trio consisting of the graceful Blue Morpho butterfly, the robust Hercules beetle, and the cunning Chinese mantis. With each insect measuring around 15cm/6in, these remarkably authentic creations might prove a challenge for those with an aversion to insects.

Each insect finds its habitat on an individual display pedestal, encompassed by a Lego-crafted environment that captures their natural surroundings. The enchanting South American butterfly gracefully rests on a simulated tree branch, complete with a constructed flower and a tiny, brick-built honeybee. The Chinese mantis, a master of deception, is suspended from a slender Lego branch, poised to seize the cleverly concealed ladybug amidst the adjacent flora. The Central American Hercules beetle, complete with detachable wings and an operable shell, provides a versatile display as it perches upon a meticulously designed decaying log.

The Lego Ideas Insects Collection comprises an impressive 1,111 pieces and is set to debut on the Lego web store on September 4th, exclusively catering to Lego VIP members. The broader public can anticipate its availability on September 7th, with a price tag of $80 (₹7,000 approx.).

In celebration of the launch, Lego has collaborated with the talented foley artist Sanaa Kelley to curate "Green Noise," an ASMR-infused playlist composed of Lego clicks and sounds. Each track is thoughtfully inspired by the distinct sounds of these insects. While some might have anticipated a soundtrack infused with high-energy insect-themed tunes, this distinctive compilation seems impeccably aligned to provide an immersive auditory backdrop to the act of construction.