Lego’s 1497-piece ‘Jaws’ to hit the shelves on August 6

DA DUM DA DUM DA DUM...time to go back into the water!

Just when you thought the toy aisle was safe, Lego has rolled out another cinematic masterpiece for adult collectors. This time, you get to construct a nail-biting scene from that legendary movie where a giant shark took a bite out of more than just the scenery: Jaws.

The new design has come a long way from the original Lego Ideas submission, but it still includes the Orca, the legendary fishing boat from the movie. With a removable roof, you can easily explore the intricately detailed interior. The adjustable boom and rigging let you channel your inner sailor. The set also comes with numerous accessories, like the iconic yellow barrels that played a vital role in the film. 

Aboard the Orca, you'll find Lego minifigs of police chief Martin Brody, marine biologist Matt Hooper, and seasoned sailor Sam Quint. And, let’s not forget the enormous shark. The bulky Lego Jaws can either sit proudly on its stand or have its top half removed to recreate the pursuit of the Orca, complete with a Lego wake following behind. The set also includes a printed tile with the famous line "You’re gonna need a bigger boat," which can be attached to the diorama’s base. The set comprises 1,497 pieces and will be priced at $149 (approx. ₹12,000 ) upon its release on August 6.