Lenovo Legion Go is a handheld gaming PC with detachable controllers

Lenovo’s first time with a gaming handheld

Lenovo has stepped into the handheld gaming world with the Legion Go. The device is a Windows-based gaming handheld that's catching some serious attention thanks to the detectable Switch-like controllers. At a glance, it seems ready to give the Rog Ally a run for its money. Let's look at what it's packing under the hood.

Lenovo's Legion Go boasts a 8.8inch Lenovo PureSight Gaming Display and is powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor, complete with RDNA graphics. This gaming device comes loaded with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, yes Lenovo has graced us with only one storage option.

What makes the Lenovo Legion Go truly stand out are its detachable Nintendo Switch-style controllers. These controllers work just like those of the Switch: slide them off, prop the Legion Go up with its kickstand or plug the right controller into its base, and you've got yourself a fully functional mouse for FPS games. For more details about how the device works you'll have to wait (and keep stuffing of course) till we get to lay our hands on it. Price you ask? Well the Lenovo Legion Go can be yours for $699 (around ₹58,000).