LG Electronics inaugurates the Business Innovation Center in Mumbai

Hop on the bandwagon!

With Apple and Sony opening their own fancy new stores, LG Electronics has decided to open its Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Mumbai. The spanking new facility offers customers and partners a one-stop solution for all their business needs.

The BIC is equipped with all kinds of modern technology and showcases LG's latest innovations across various verticals. The facility is a perfect place to experience, learn and experiment with LG's products.

The BIC displays the brands top-of-the-line products and solutions, including information display solutions, information technology solutions, system air conditioning solutions, and consumer electronics products. It's like a candy store for businesses! 

The BIC will also serve as a hub for training and development for LG's B2B partners’ teams. Furthermore, it allows close interaction and demonstrates proof-of-concept for all of LG's innovations. It's like a playground for businesses!