LG soundbars (2024) feature better TV Integration with WOWSynergy

And, come with dedicated brackets for easy installation!

LG is raising the bar in the home theatre market with its freshly unveiled 2024 soundbar lineup.  The new range includes five models – SQ75TR, SG10Y, SQ70TY, S77TY, and S65TR. Designed to provide a more immersive and integrated audio experience, these soundbars are particularly beneficial for those already invested in the LG ecosystem. LG is especially focused on enhancing the synergy between its soundbars and TVs.

The new soundbar lineup comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, perfect for surround sound fans, and includes a host of notable features. The WOW Interface simplifies control and allows seamless sound mode sharing between the soundbar and TV. AI Room Calibration, which now covers rear speaker calibration, ensures "optimised" acoustics. Additionally, LG says, WOWCAST offers wireless connectivity specifically for LG TVs, providing Dolby Atmos audio without the hassle of cables.

The SG10Y model is designed to perfectly match LG's premium OLED TVs, featuring a coordinated width and frame colour for a similar look. The soundbars also come with dedicated brackets, letting you place the soundbar directly beneath the TV for a sleek, refined look. This bracket offers a convenient solution for direct attachment, eliminating the need to drill holes in the wall during installation. Additionally, it allows customisable wall-mounting of the soundbar at various heights. Some models now feature centre-firing speakers, enhancing clarity and providing a superior surround sound experience.

LG's claim of flawless integration, particularly with the wireless WOWCAST feature, will be put to the test soon. Although the feature list looks impressive on paper, real-world performance and user-friendliness are yet to be determined so wait for our in-depth review. The LG 2024 soundbar lineup will be available in India starting in July, with prices beginning at ₹29,990.