LG StanbyMe Go is a portable TV that comes in a suitcase

TV in a case, what an ace!

If you're the type who dreams about having your TV accompany you on your adventures, LG's StanbyMe Go is your genie in a bottle or rather your TV in a suitcase. The StanbyMe Go is a compact entertainment hub neatly tucked into a stylish suitcase, ready to be your on-the-go companion.

It’s got a 27in LED screen with a 1080p resolution, and a swivel so you can lift it up, angle it just right or set it flat like a table. LG says it becomes a tab when you put it in the table mode.

LG has equipped it with a 20-watt speaker that adjusts itself as the screen moves and delivers some sweet surround sound action, complete with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision tech. Inside the case, you'll also find compartments to stash all its accessories, and there's a built-in battery. Speaking of battery life, you're looking at approximately three hours of viewing before it needs some juice.

The StanbyMe Go also has an HDMI input, so if you've got another power source nearby, you can hook up your gaming console and go to town. Plus, it plays nice with Apple devices through AirPlay. There's a built-in app store where you can snag games for your table-mode adventures, and it's also packed with streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and Max. If this sounds like your dream companion, you can get your StanbyMe Go on pre-order over at LG's website for $1,000 (approx ₹83,000).