Logitech’s MX Keys S Combo can up your productivity game

Your fingers' dream team!

If you are a software developer or creative professional this piece of news could pique your interest. Logitech has unveiled its latest MX Keys S Combo which bundles the MX Keys S keyboard, the MX Master 3S mouse, and includes the MX Palm Rest. The keyboard’s backlighting and customizable keys compliments the mouse’s hush clicks and its 8K DPI sensor dances across any surface, even glass! 

The brand has also unveiled the MX Keys S keyboard and MX Anywhere 3S mouse. The wireless keyboard comes with keys that are contoured to embrace your fingertips for a sublime typing journey. Its smart illumination feature detects the presence of your hands and illuminates the keyboard, adapting to the ambient lighting. Thanks to the Logi Options+ app, you’ll also have the power to customize and personalize the lighting scene. Logitech has also introduced three new keys including talk to text, mute/unmute microphone, and even an emoji key. 

The MX Anywhere 3S, on the other hand, is said to be Logitech’s most advanced wireless mouse. It is laced with Quiet Click technology, making clicking quieter than its predecessor (MX Anywhere 3). Plus, MX Anywhere 3S features an 8,000 DPI optical sensor that tracks on any surface. 

Logitech claims with the addition of Smart Actions, a new feature in Logi Options+, these new products will help you achieve your “flow state,” the period of time when you feel the most productive. Smart Actions in the Logi Options+ App offers you the ability to skip repetitive actions by automating  multiple tasks with a single keystroke so you can streamline your workflow with macros.

As for price, the MX Keys S Combo is priced at ₹22,995. The MX Keys S is ₹13,295 and the MX Anywhere 3S is for ₹9,225. And, the Logi Options+ app is available for download for free at logi.com/optionsplus.