Made-in-India Battle Royale game Indus is coming to Fortnite, available for PC and macOS

A gaming crossover that promises excitement and innovation!

Battle Royale’s Indus is making its grand entrance into the Fortnite universe. This means you will be able to dive into Indus' gameplay, explore its map, and engage with its modes within the Fortnite world, available for PC and macOS. SuperGaming reveals that a dynamic two-woman team created the Indus in Fortnite in just 27 days, flexing their development skills using Epic Games' Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

While the Battle Royale game gears up for a closed beta launch on Android this festive season, the release date for the Indus experience within the Fortnite Creator Mode will soon be unveiled. It's not just the environments, the Cosmium-centred win condition from Indus, where players capture resources to secure victory, has also been transplanted into Fortnite. You can actively participate by sharing your feedback, influencing the development direction of (what is believed to be) SuperGaming's most ambitious title to date.

SuperGaming's collaboration with Fortnite aims at sharing the thrill of Indus and its Indo-Futurism gameplay with a global audience. This cross-platform exposure will also be instrumental in gathering gamers' insights and feedback on multiple facets of the game, SuperGaming says. The game is currently available for pre-register for close beta on Play Store.