Marshall’s latest Studio JTM will take you back to the 60s

If only you're about that authentic, vintage rock vibe

If you’re a lover of music, this piece of information is sure to tickle your fancy. Marshall’s brand new Studio JTM is taking a page straight out of the beloved original from way back in 1962. The freshly baked amp, as per the brand, is made to honor the 100th birthday of none other than the late founder himself, Jim Marshall. An ode to pay tribute to his legacy!

Marshall is keeping the new Studio JTM true to its roots with some of the same components as the original. Under the hood, you'll find ECC83 preamp valves, 5881 power amp valves, and an ECC83 phase splitter. And, the G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speaker for some serious rock 'n' roll right there!

The brand is really pulling up all the strings to bring in the nostalgia and that includes the looks too! They're keeping it familiar with that classic fawn-colored cloth on the front, the iconic black on gold branding, and even the red enamel coffin logo. Plus, all the fittings, knobs, and fixtures on this amp are period-correct. The new Studio JTM starts at $2350 (₹1,93,280). Sure, call it an investment!