Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 concept is posing in Mumbai for you to see

A rare sight indeed

Gather, devoted Mercedes enthusiasts because Mercedes has (finally) presented the Vision Maybach 6 concept coupe on our home turf. While this stunning concept was initially unveiled worldwide in 2016, its appeal remains undeniably enduring, the reason? It is an exquisite fusion of classic and contemporary design elements.

As per Mercedes, the design of the Vision Maybach 6 Concept takes inspiration from the 'timeless aesthetic proportions' of the 1930s Maybach aero coupe, it's also abundantly clear in its design. The elongated hood, the rearward placement of the passenger compartment, and the distinctive boat-tail rear end all combine to reaffirm its classical heritage.

The Vision Maybach 6 features some contemporary elements like the gullwing doors, candy red 24-inch wheels, the commanding signature Maybach slatted front grille, streamlined headlamps and taillights, and the chrome accents embellishing its sides. The interior exudes luxury through the generous use of high-quality leather, glass, and crafted woodwork. The design extends seamlessly from one door to the other, with the side panels merging into the dashboard, adding a touch of retro charm to the overall ambience.
Mercedes also states that the front windscreen is set to serve as an information hub utilising augmented reality to provide the driver with geographical and contextual details about their surroundings. It is equipped with an 80kWh lithium-ion battery that energises four electric motors, working in harmony to generate a total of 750hp. This concept is claimed to boast an estimated overall range of over 500km based on the European test procedure.

For those eager to experience the concept in person, there's good news! The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept is currently available for public viewing at the NMACC in Mumbai for the next three months.