Mercedes’ Vision One-Eleven concept car is a fusion of old-world charm and futuristic design

For some automotive enchantment!

Fancy a glimpse at Mercedes’ Future aka the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven. Gullwing doors, an advanced drivetrain, and an opulent design featuring a blend of orange and black hues, the sporty charm of this concept car can surely captivate not only connoisseurs of automotive marvels but also mere humans.

The Mercedes Vision One-Eleven Concept is a homage to the iconic Mercedes C111 experimental prototype, which made its mark in the 1970s. Drawing inspiration from it, the Vision One-Eleven combines aesthetics with propulsion technology harnessing the capabilities of YASA's axial flux motors. For the unversed, Yasa Motors are known to generate high horsepower and torque while being extremely light and compact. Thus, the concept car delivers performance while maintaining an optimal weight balance, the brand says.

The Mercedes Vision One-Eleven Concept showcases a sleek profile, with an exceptionally low height of just 1,168 mm, almost skimming the ground. This characteristic is notably unconventional, especially for an electric vehicle (EV) presented in the form of a concept. However, it's important to emphasize that this is a concept car, and in theory, it boasts a power output of 1,300 hp, driven by four individual motors that handle its propulsion system.

The interior also takes a bold departure from the conventional norms of the other concept vehicles, with a generous dose of innovation and creativity. As you enter, you’ll be seated in low bucket seats while a panoramic canopy glass stretches across the entire length of the cabin. The side glass features a hexagonal pattern, adding a touch of geometric flair. And in a twist of technological magic, the cabin is even primed to support augmented reality experiences. 

One of our fav features in this concept car is the squared-off steering wheel with generously sized buttons and dials that command the various systems of the Vision One-Eleven. Complementing this functionality is a compact central touchscreen. Moreover, the short dash extends between the A-pillars, housing a pixelated display that adds a touch of modernity to the interior aesthetics.