Mumbai gets India’s first double decker EV bus

Switch Mobility claims the EiV22 has a range of a cool 250km

The double decker BEST bus has been an icon of Mumbai since ages. First drawn by horse carriages, later shifting to internal combustion engines, the giant served the city relentlessly and remained etched in the hearts of people as the most beloved means of transport until they were slowly phased out. Now, Switch Mobility, a subsidiary of Ashok Leyland, has launched 200 new double decker buses which will be delivered to the BEST that will service the roads of Mumbai.  

The buses in question have a massive 231kWh Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt battery and a range of 250km, but Switch claims this depends on a lot of external factors. The battery comes with four layers of safety systems and a massive eight year warranty, ensuring a long, hassle-free operation. The electric buses will have a running cost of just Rs. 2.40 per kilometer compared to the Rs. 41per kilometer of their diesel counterpart. 

The new double deckers are fully air conditioned and feature remote intervention as well, which means Switch will be able to monitor data like battery temperature and health remotely, ensuring real time safety measures. So gear up for the race to the front seat at the top.