Musk renames Twitter to X

Twitter or e’X’?

In recent news, we have heard Elon Musk’s statement about calling Twitter by a new name - ‘X’. A bit ironic don't you think? The thought behind this is that he plans to make this a step toward creating an ’Everything App’. X is going to be a super app that allows its users to have multiple features including its own inbuilt payment app coming from Mr. Musk’s roots at Paypal. You can consider it a conference room with multiple dedicated apps but all in one.

The idea of it is that one central app allows messaging, video streaming, payments, etc. Elon Musk has said that X is an app that will be quite like WeChat(MyJIO app for the Indian Crowd). If you now search on your dedicated browser you will be shot to Twitter's website in the coming future, we may see a change in the Twitter logo as recently Mr. Musk posted a flickering logo on his Twitter page as well as projected a very very big (that's what she said) logo on their Headquarters. Stay tuned as the shenanigans continue…