MWC 2023: All we know about the OnePlus 11 concept phone

Concept close to reality?

OnePlus, during its cloud 11 events, revealed it will be unveiling a Concept 11 smartphone during the Mobile World Congress 2023 and we’re as excited as you.

What do we know?

In an official release, OnePlus said the device will boast an imaginative design with industry-first technology and it will be a part of OnePlus’s line-up of flagship devices to be showcased at MWC 2023. Quite broad, right? But we can’t leave our dear readers’ curiosity unquenched so we’ve derived some calculative assumptions as to how the device would be (of course based on the older Concept phone from the OnePlus stable).

What we’ve already seen?

The OnePlus Concept One, launched at CES 2020, was the first phone ever to have colour-shifting glass technology and an invisible camera appearing only when in use. OnePlus collaborated with McLaren for its design and took inspiration from McLaren's 720S luxury sports car, which features a glass roof panel that can alter its tint and control the amount of light allowed through. So the device, too, integrated both glass and leather, using the same stylish, premium quality leather specially tailored for McLaren’s own cars. Or the OnePlus 8T that had a colour-changing back panel with a metal oxide film under the rear glass. It changed colours based on different applied voltages by changing the valence state of the metal ions.

So will the new Concept 11 change colours? Will it have mad-fast charging we've never seen? Will it make you pizza and pour wine? We don't know yet. But do stay tuned for more.