MWC 2024: Tecno Phantom Ultimate is a concept phone with a rollable display

Is it the future, already?

At MWC, the tech companies constantly strive to push the limits of what is achievable. The issue in context here is Tecno's latest Phantom Ultimate. The concept phone is placed as a showstopper, flaunting a rollable display.

The Phantom Ultimate features a 6.55-inch OLED display in its closed state, basically for easy one-handed use. The magic happens when you press the dedicated button on the top. Using a single-drive motor, the screen expands sideways, revealing a hidden section and transforming into a 7.11-inch tablet-sized display.

When rolled up, the back of the device serves as a secondary display, showing notifications, time, and other vital information without the need to flip the phone. The back has a textured matte finish, providing a better grip, which (of course) is crucial when holding the phone in its expanded state.

As of now, Tecno has not disclosed information regarding the durability of the rolling mechanism, battery life, and software optimisation for the expanding display. Given the innovative tech involved, the initial price point of such a device is expected to be high, but no specific details are available at this time.