MWC 2024: Tecno Pocket Go is an AR gaming set

That combines a controller with AR glasses for augmented fun!

Move over Mario, there's a new sheriff in town (or, shall we say, pocket?). MWC 2024 saw Tecno unveil its first handheld console, the Pocket Go, calling it ‘the world's first AR gaming set’.

The Pocket Go is an AR gaming set, pairing a wireless controller with the ‘AR Pocket Vision’ glasses. The Windows-based system has a wireless controller that borrows some design cues from Xbox. Tecno claims it's 50% smaller and 30% lighter than other Windows handhelds, so we wonder if big things can truly come in small packages.

Under the hood, the Pocket Go features an AMD Ryzen 7 8840 HS processor clocked at 5.1GHz, backed by 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. And to prevent overheating during intense battles, Tecno has equipped it with a cooling fan and a trio of copper heat pipes.

The AR Pocket Vision glasses feature a 0.71-inch screen morphing into a 215-inch virtual world six metres away. There is also an adjustable diopter settings for up to 600 degrees of correction.The Pocket Go's true potential lies in its promise of a fully immersive 6D gaming experience with a vision track, adaptive posture, ultra-precise vibrations and sensory sync, claims Tecno.

The device is mated with a 50Wh battery, which will ensure you can game on the go without the worry of running out of juice. The AR Pocket Vision and Windows handheld can also transform into a workstation when connected to other Tecno devices. While Tecno remains tight-lipped on the release date and price, one thing's for sure — the future of handheld gaming is looking mighty augmented.