Netgear Orbi RBK763S tri-band mesh system is out to kill dead zones

For a well-connected home!

As gamers, it’s safe to say there is little on God’s green Earth that annoys us more than poor internet and dead spots. Thankfully, Netgear Orbi RBK763S Tri-Band Mesh System hopes to improve home Wi-Fi for good, delivering unwavering high-speed coverage over 7,500 sq. ft. at a blazing 5.4Gbps. This powerhouse claims to support more than 75 devices simultaneously, all buffer-free. 

Its ingenious Tri-Band Mesh technology pioneers a dedicated backhaul connection, optimizing data transmission and ensuring unwavering internet speeds across your abode, defying the drag of dead zones or disruptions, even during concurrent OTT streaming, video conferencing, and gaming.

Furthermore, the system's features include a unique dedicated connection for instant router-satellite communication, keeping Wi-Fi speed pristine regardless of the number of connected devices. The seven Gigabit ports serve your most demanding devices with dedicated wired connections, granting them their own expressway of connectivity.

In terms of performance, the system flaunts six Wi-Fi 6 streams, offering speeds reaching 5.4Gbps. This empowers seamless 4K/8K UHD streaming and lag-free gaming. A tri-band wireless backhaul, coupled with seven Gigabit LAN ports, guarantees steadfast speeds throughout your home, ensuring that you're never trapped in a labyrinth of connectivity dead zones.

In terms of your digital safety, the package includes one year of Netgear Armor security services. This protective shield wards off cyber threats across all connected devices. Moreover, the system's capacity for accommodating multiple devices increases fourfold, bolstering battery efficiency for extended use.

Voice command control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant adds another layer of convenience. The system is available on,, and authorized Netgear partners, priced at ₹59,999. So say goodbye to poor connectivity and interrupted gaming for good!