New Intel Unison will enable users to control their smartphone from a PC

Moving in Unison

Intel Corporation announced their latest software solution – the Intel Unison and it has the potential to transform the way multiple devices are used. In simpler terms, the Unison will enable users to access and control their smartphones through their Intel-powered PCs. So basically with this tech in place you can receive and initiate text messages, manage notifications, transfer photos and files and make calls through your PC.  

The Unison aims at cutting down the hassles that are commonly faced while juggling between devices. As per the company, constant device-switching causes disruption and affects productivity so consolidating all the functions into one device will solve the situation. 

Furthermore, Intel Unison will support easy integration of the devices with an intuitive one-time setup, after which users can control the functions of the phones with their keyboard and mouse. 

It also features flexible connectivity options including local Wi-Fi router or peer-to-peer connection over the network. The Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), on the other hand, are used depending on the devices involved. 

The software, based on the technology of an Insraeli company Screenovate, will launch with select 12th Gen Intel Core processor-based Intel Evo designs, specifically Acer, HP and Lenovo, to name a few. The distribution will reportedly expand to additional Intel Evo designs early next year.