Nike x Hyperice boot ensures recovery while on the go

Revolutionising the way athletes warm up and recover!

Nike and Hyperice have teamed up to create the Nike x Hyperice boot that features high-tech recovery solutions for elite athletes. This high-top boot uses heat and air compression tech to support feet and ankles, ensuring athletes maintain optimal recovery while on the move.

The shoe incorporates Hyperice’s Normatec bladders, which are bonded to warming elements to distribute heat throughout the upper evenly. Designed to deliver heat deep into muscle tissue, this boot aids in warmup and recovery, all while on the move.

The combination of heat and dynamic air compression within the boot creates a powerful effect, transforming how the body feels after use. The high-pressure, multi-zone compression drives the heat deeper into the tissues, enhancing its impact on muscles and fluids.

During warmup, the aim is to increase ankle joint mobility by reducing the thickness of the fluid between muscle and tissue layers, allowing it to function as a lubricant. Compression aids in moving the heated fluid up the leg. Although Nike has yet to announce a retail release date, these boots will be used by Nike athletes at the Paris Olympics.