Nikon Z8 is a hybrid mirrorless camera that’ll address both your photography and videography needs

Say cheese and hold on tight

The Z8 is a hybrid camera that offers the best of both worlds for photographers as well as videographers. It boasts the advanced performance of the flagship Nikon Z9 but in a more compact form factor weighing approximately 910g. But hey, let’s leave the bragging to Nikon and dive into what really matters: the details!

So the mirrorless Z8 has a High-Res Zoom feature that allows for 2x zoom even with a prime lens attached during video recording in full-frame. Engineered with videographers in mind, it can record up to 125 minutes in 4K UHD/60p and up to 90 minutes in 8K UHD/30p. Plus, the camera has a 4-axis tilting monitor that lets you use various shooting angles and allows flexible operation. When the monitor is tilted vertically or horizontally, the i-menu is displayed in the respective orientation during shooting mode.

The Nikon Z8 camera has a Pre-Release Capture function that lets you record up to 1 second before or 4 seconds after fully pressing the shutter button using High-Speed Frame Capture+. The camera's autofocusing can detect approximately 3% of the human face size in the frame, making it easier to focus on subjects like a group of people or a couple in a crowd. It also has a 3D-tracking feature, auto-area autofocus (AF) and 20 types of custom wide-area AF (12 types in video) for subject detection.

Nikon says the camera can focus in low-light conditions, with an AF detection range down to -7 EV and even has an Airplane mode for aviation photography that provides more stable detection, including in low-light situations or with a cluttered background. With up to nine different kinds of subjects that can be tracked, users can lock focus quickly and reliably. Plus, the newly-added support for HLG (HEIF) 6 format also provides an option for 10-bit still images with richer tonal gradation.

The camera also boasts a Real-Live Viewfinder that displays subject motion in real-time without any blackout. Plus, you can stop worrying about shutter wear and rolling shutter distortion because the camera doesn't have a mechanical shutter. The Vibration Reduction (VR) feature provides stability and an effect equivalent to a shutter speed of 6.0 stops, with the in-camera VR and Synchro VR. You can also use Electronic VR in video recording. The MB-N12 Power Battery Pack, sold separately, provides approximately 1.8x more shots and recording time with dust and drip-resistant performance, even at -10 degrees Celsius. And not to forget, the Z8 is also the first Z series model to provide two USB terminals – one for power charging/delivery and the other for data communication.

Too many technical details? Well, you've gotta know your stuff when you’re spending a small fortune on a camera. Oh, did we forget to tell you the Nikon Z8 is priced at ₹3,43,995?