Nintendo Switch 2 might come in 2024

Gotta keep an eye out for that one!

Some things are inevitable like change, mistakes, growth and of course a Nintendo Switch 2. Don't think Nintendo is sitting idle. They're working on the Switch 2, and it looks like they wanna drop it on us sometime in 2024.

Remember how Nintendo dropped the OLED version of the Switch back in 2021? Even though it didn't have major technical upgrades, we loved it for that screen. Now, some fresh online info suggests that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 might roll out with an LCD screen instead of OLED. However, you'll still be able to hook it up to other screens, so gaming on the big screen ain't going anywhere.

To make it up, Nintendo Switch 2 might feature backwards compatibility. That means all your beloved digital and physical games from before will run on the new console. So get ready to bid adieu to the days when you had to play those games in low quality because of the older console's hardware limitations back in 2018. Now, you can relive those gaming memories in all their smooth glory!

There's no official release date locked in for the Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024 just yet but the rumour mill is buzzing like crazy with multiple sources pointing in the same direction. So, if you're curious about the price or juicy specifications, stay glued to our updates because we'll keep you in the loop!