Nokia 2660 Flip is foldable but the old fashion way

Blast from the past for those who love the good old days,

In a world where OLEDs are bending (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4), going to the Nokia 2660 Flip can feel like teleporting back in time. And we can assure you there is little in the world more satisfying than flipping this phone open. For oldies and young kids alike, this phone has everything you need, as long as you don’t require access to the internet!

Spotting those signature features like the big display, big buttons, hearing aid compatibility, and an emergency button provides a seamless experience for its target audience. With a glorious 2.8in display and zoomed-in UI, the oldies won’t even need their glasses to know whos calling. The big tactile buttons make texting a breeze, and the overpoweringly loud audio will make it much easier to communicate with the ones you love. It even comes with hearing aid compatibility.

All these capabilities come powered by a 1450mAh battery. It may not seem like much, but it will keep your Flip powered for days. There is also a dedicated emergency button to provide peace of mind, by assuring speedy contact with your loved ones in an emergency. This notifies up to five contacts to keep you safe and help you out.

Oh, and with Nokia’s track record, you don't need to worry about flipping it off too much. It is made of tough polycarbonate and comes in vibrant easy-to-locate colours. This futuristic piece of tech (if you live in the 90s) costs ₹4699 and is truly perfect for your older relatives or young kids who are demanding an iPhone (having any flashbacks?).