North Zone rounds for Maruti Suzuki Rock N' Road 4X4 Masters come to an end

Ultimate showdown for off-road enthusiasts!

Maruti Suzuki wrapped up the North Zone qualifying round of the Rock N' Road 4X4 Masters championship.  Launched in Delhi on January 27 and then moving to Chandigarh on February 3, the event is the showdown for up-and-coming off-road enthusiasts who happen to own a Jimny.

The Rock N' Road 4X4 Masters championship is the ultimate playground for Jimny owners who love to get their wheels dirty. It's a chance to show off your driving chops and conquer challenging terrains, all while making memories that'll last a lifetime. The event is part of a larger series that includes qualifiers in 8 cities, leading to a grand finale in Goa. 

It offers Jimny owners the chance to compete in two categories – stock vehicles and modified vehicles. Participants in the qualifiers face 8 challenges – Special Stages (SS), spread over two days. These stages are designed to test off-road driving skills. The Special Stages feature ascents, descents, and undulations across different off-road terrains, promoting safe off-roading practices.

Participants in the Rock N' Road 4X4 Masters championship face judgment from a panel of seasoned off-roading experts. Only the best from each category in the qualifiers will make it to the grand finale in Goa on March 23, 2024. Besides the chance to win prizes, the top two champions get a shot at showcasing their skills on the global off-roading stage.