Now you can access Discord voice chat directly from your PS5 console, here’s how!

Sony's kicking things up a notch

PlayStation integrated Discord a year ago, now, you can hop into Discord calls straight from your PlayStation 5 console, all without needing a mobile app! In the past, PS5 users had to rely on the Discord mobile or PC app to establish a connection.

This new feature will come in the upcoming PS5 update (24.04-09.40.00). As per Sony, the update will first be available in Japan and Asia, then in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and eventually the Americas. Be sure to watch for it!

To get started, open the Control Center, navigate to the Game Base, and select the 'Discord' option. To join a voice channel in a Discord server, choose a server, pick a voice channel, and hit join. For voice calls in DMs or Group DMs, select 'Direct Calls' to see a list of your DMs and Group DMs, and join the conversation.

P.S. Don't forget to update your PS5 software and link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts!