Omnis-Duo is a standalone, all-in-one DJ unit

Create magic on the decks!

AlphaTheta, the sibling brand of Pioneer DJ, has launched Omnis-Duo, a standalone, all-in-one DJ unit. You can slide the Omnis-Duo into a good-sized backpack and carry it anywhere thanks to the compact size and modest weight.

The Omnis-Duo has a familiar 2-deck+mixer layout and its high-resolution touch display will act as your musical compass, guiding you through tracks, effects, and settings. It has got two viewing modes – Light and Dark – so you can switch things up even under the sun.

It supports eight types of Beat FX and six types of Sound Colour FX, eight Hot Cues per deck, Beat Jump buttons, and Beat Loop controls. You can plug in your USB Type-A drives or SD cards to access your music library. If you want to use rekordbox Performance mode, you can connect your PC/Mac via the USB Type-C terminal. And, with Wi-Fi functionality, you can stream tracks from your PC/Mac, smartphone, or the cloud without a single wire in sight.

And, when your buddy requests a banger, you can invite them to connect their phone, and you can drop their track into your set. Thanks to the system’s Bluetooth Playback function, you’ll have control of the audio on the deck. Adjust the volume, tweak the EQ, apply effects, change the tempo, use Hot Cues, and even scratch, all as if the track was loaded from your USB stick or SD card.

The Omnis-Duo comes with up to 5 hours of battery life. And when its time to recharge, connect the AC adapter or plug in a compatible power bank (45W or more) to the dedicated USB Type-C terminal. Switching to Eco mode extends the battery life. The Omnis-Duo comes at a price of ₹1,49,900.