OnePlus collaborates with Spotify to launch music shows called Red Cable Sessions

Red Cable, Round Table

OnePlus has just announced its collaboration with Spotify, to launch Red Cable Sessions. Brought to life in homage to OnePlus’ Red Cable Club (RCC), these Sessions are a part of a music show that brings together music performances by artists from several diverse genres. The show is set to host an array of popular artists like When Chai Met Toast, OAFF, and Zaeden. This is an initiative by OnePlus to showcase its commitment to providing the community with interesting new experiences beyond just the product and service offerings. 

The show has been curated to bring together members of tech and music communities and is an online way to create a diverse sensorial experience. The Red Cable Sessions is now available to audiences via Spotify India’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, all the video content of these shows has been Shot On OnePlus using the OnePlus 10 Pro. The Red Cable Club itself is a unique membership program from OnePlus, which offers abundant benefits including exclusive access to product launches and community events. The club has grown to have over 15 million members.