OnePlus will introduce OxygenOS 14 with the Trinity Engine on September 25

Playing the 'early bird' card?

While we twiddle our thumbs waiting for Google's Android 14 release, OnePlus is taking matters into its own hands and revealed that OxygenOS 14 (built on the Android 14 foundation) will be globally launched on September 25.

OnePlus is introducing the 'Trinity Engine,' which, as per the brand, is about unlocking the full potential of OnePlus devices. In the exact words of OnePlus, it's a "proprietary performance platform" designed to deliver "greater synergy between hardware and software." It will apparently improve power efficiency, multitasking and ensure a lasting and smooth user experience.

The engine has CPU Vitalisation, RAM Vitalisation, ROM Vitalisation, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering. While these buzzwords sound impressive, it's unclear how they'll impact the overall user experience. Another point that remains shrouded in mystery is which devices will be the first to have OxygenOS 14. It's a safe bet that it will be part of an update for the OnePlus 11 but whether it will come on September 25 is still up in the air. Stay tuned as we get you the latest of all tech news!