OpenAI X Figure’s humanoid robot can talk, reason and perform tasks

The handy-dandy bot might as well blow your mind off!

Imagine a world where robots aren't just mechanical marvels, but also witty conversationalists. Well, that world is closer than you think! A new demo from the startup Figure gives a glimpse of how Figure is using OpenAI's ChatGPT to give humanoid robots the gift of gab. 

Last month, Figure made waves by teaming up with OpenAI to enhance its robot's abilities in perception, reasoning, and interaction. And just recently, they dropped this demo video showcasing some early results.

In the demo, the robot, known as Figure 01, showcases its newfound abilities by recognizing a red apple in its field of view. When the human user asks, "Can I have something to eat?" Figure 01 promptly hands over the apple, demonstrating its ability to understand and respond to general commands.

What's fascinating about this demo is how the robot can interpret and act on requests without needing to know every detail. For instance, when asked, Figure 01 explains that it chose to give the apple because "it was the only edible item I could provide you with," showing a level of understanding and autonomy.

In another display, Figure 01 shows off its ability to follow commands like "pick up this trash" by promptly disposing of the trash in a nearby bin basket. It also showcases its understanding of household tasks by recognising and moving an empty dish and cup to a drying rack.

When asked about its performance, Figure 01 modestly replies, "I think I did pretty well. The apple found its new owner, the trash is gone, and the tableware is right where it belongs." However, the robot does take a moment to process each human command, showing that there's still room for improvement.

As for its official launch, there's no word yet. However, Figure is working closely with OpenAI to expedite the commercial deployment of its robots, hinting that we might see these smart machines in action sooner rather than later.