Philips Home Safety 5000 series features an indoor 360° camera and motion sensor plugs

Gotta keep thy abode safe!

The Philips Home Safety 5000 series encompasses an indoor 360° camera and motion sensor plugs, featuring what's claimed as the world's first blend of Wi-Fi and thread sensing tech.

These ‘non-line-of-sight-motion sensors’ detect movement without obstruction from blind spots or interference caused by walls or objects, according to the brand. Thread is a wireless standard that facilitates collaboration among smart home devices via a mesh network, eliminating the need for a third-party hub or service.

The motion sensors can spot movements in your house without having a camera. Thanks to the clever tech powered by machine learning, they can tell the difference between your furry friends and any unexpected visitors. Plus, they don't get flustered by high temperatures or sunlight rays, unlike the old-school motion sensors.

Setting up these Philips devices is quite easy because they don't need a hub. The sensors are tucked into the smart plugs, a pack of three sensors and a door sensor can create a safety zone of about 1.5 square feet. And, if you need more coverage, just add more sensors to expand that zone.

You can manage all this via the dedicated Philips Home Safety app. It gives you full control over your home's security, no matter where you are. Thanks to dual storage capabilities, the cameras and doorbell record locally to an SD card, and can also back up the content to the cloud. Should the Wi-Fi drop, the smart home devices will continue to record locally. End-to-end encryption of equal. Curious about the price? Hang tight until March 2024 when the Philips Home Safety Series 5000 makes its debut!