Pioneer, Alphatec bring Opus Quad to India with good looks and Smart Cue tech

No fashion faux pas here!

If you're the DJ rocking the decks at a place where denim, kicks, or team jerseys are a big no-no at the door, you definitely don't want your DJ gear to be the odd one out. It's the Pioneer's Opus Quad we’re getting at. An all-in-one system, that's as chic as the crowd you're spinning for, is now available for purchase in the Indian market courtesy of Pioneer DJ and Alphatec collaboration.

The Opus Quad comes equipped with Pioneer's Smart Cue tech, which makes cueing quite easy. Plus, it's packed with a variety of inputs and outputs to connect to PA systems, laptops, and other equipment. With its multiple screens and illuminated jog dials, selecting and mixing tracks is said to become quite easy too. And when it comes to controls, there's an abundance of faders, channel monitor LEDs, and dials to keep you in the DJ groove.

The jog dials on the Opus Quad come with textured finishes and dimples to ensure a solid grip and they light up in pre-set colours to let you know if your tracks are playing without the need to reach for your headphones. Pioneer has even put thought into the design, sloping the top plate toward the DJ for a more comfortable hand rest when you're not in the mix.

The Opus Quad comes equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, along with a quartet of USB ports. Plus, it has multi-zone output capability for those moments when you're spinning in two different spaces. The Pioneer Opus Quad is available for a price of ₹319,900.