Pioneer HDJ-X10 headphones are designed keeping disc jockeys in mind

Fancy some extra oomph?

Pioneer has always been a big name in the DJ gear scene, but when it comes to its headphones and other ancillary items, well, opinions might vary. Now, it has dropped its freshly-baked HDJ-X10 headphones in India, and we're here to offer you all the nitty-gritty details.

The HDJ-X10 over-ear headphones, as per Pioneer, have been through the DJ wringer, refined with insights from the pros to be your sidekick at festivals, clubs, and pretty much anywhere you wanna groove. With a 50mm driver under the hood, they're about high-resolution sound, giving you a range from 5 Hz to 40 kHz. Crafted for DJ monitoring, these headphones bring you clear separation between the left and right channels, and they also do a decent job separating the bass tones from the mid to high frequencies.

The swivel mechanism lets you wear these headphones for hours on end. Plus, the ear pads and headband cushion, made of polyurethane leather, are built tough with nano coating to resist wear and tear. You can also wipe off sweat and dirt pretty neatly off the nano coating.

Pioneer seems to have gone the extra mile and passed the US Military Standard Shock test, so you can expect these headphones to take a beating and keep on groovin’. As for colour variants, you've got options – pick from black or silver.

Pioneer has also launched the VM-80 speaker for ₹38,330 in the country.  The VM-80 speaker packs components like a Class D amplifier and 96 kHz sampling DSP, which means it can handle a wide range of audio frequencies. Thanks to Aramid fibre woofer cones and the Vortex Bass Accelerator, you can expect a decent low-end.

Pioneer says the constant directivity horn ensures that mid and high-frequency sounds come through with plenty of oomph. Plus, the VM-80 is designed to deliver a flat, natural sound, so you can expect your music the way it was meant to be heard.