PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 bundle will let you embrace the Spidey spirit!

Talk about perfectly timed web-slinging adventure

PlayStation seems to have resorted to spoil the Spider-Man fans. Right after releasing the new story trailer for the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s set to drop a limited edition PS bundle. Imagine a custom PS5 console cover design with the symbiote closing in on white spider icon and a matching DualSense wireless controller with the same symbiote threat creeping across the entire controller.

Pre-orders for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 bundle are gonna open up on July 28. You can also grab those sweet custom console covers and the matching DualSense controller separately. The wait won't be too long because everything will be hitting the shelves on September 1. So, if you manage to snag the PS5 bundle, you'll get a special voucher for a digital copy of the game, ready to go when it launches on October 20.