Pocket FM is a personalized audio streaming service to catch up on your favourite audio series

OTT for the listeners!

Ever wondered how your apps just know what you will enjoy? Pocket FM is an audio series app that works on just that aspect of the listening experience. So what is Pocket FM and how are they working on building a content recommendation engine in audio using AI, you ask? Here’s what you need to know…

With the aid of technology in the form of AI and machine learning, Pocket FM is creating its content recommendations and suggestions from scratch without using any existing reference framework for the audio OTT market. It brings you audio shows tailormade for your preferences. The brand is in the process of developing cutting-edge text-to-speech, picture, and NLP generative AI capabilities, which will accelerate content testing and creation. The software automates tasks according to a newbie methodology and creates better listener experiences going forward.

What kicked off as a pretty small endeavour now has 40 billion minutes of streaming, along with processing around 4 petabytes of data every month. Impressive right? So start your listening journey now with Pocket FM!