Promate's GaNPort4-100PD charger can charge four devices at once

Charging one device at a time, oh so passé!

Promate's GaNPort4-100PD is the latest pocket-sized charger in the market. It is touted to be 55% smaller than old-school chargers and can charge four devices at once.

The charger comes with GaNFast (gallium nitride) and GaN Chipset and offers multi-device compatibility. This means it is compatible with all your gadgets, from earbuds to smartphones and from laptops to tablets. Plus,  GaN components optimise efficiency while reducing power wastage and heat generation, keeping things cool and sustainable.

The GaNPort4-100PD charger can handle voltages from 100V to 240V, and it has interchangeable Indian and US plugs. So, no more fussing over different adapters when you're travelling. As per promate, its 20W USB-C power delivery port is super speedy and it can charge your compatible devices from 0 to 60% in just half an hour. The Promate's GaNPort4-100PD charger comes for a price of ₹6999.