Qubo’s GPS Tracker Pro monitors your prized wheels while offering driving insights

After all, safety first!

Qubo's freshest addition to their range of auto accessories is a GPS tracker tailored for cars and bikes. Just as the name hints, the tracker is your ride's personal watchdog, making sure it's never out of sight and ensuring your ride is always accounted for while keeping your dear ones in the loop.

This tracker does a little more than just pinpoint your vehicle's location in real-time. It gives you ignition alerts (in case) someone tries to start your engine without your permission, and if (heaven forbid), there's an accident, you'll get an instant heads-up about it too.

It'll also shoot you a message if someone tries to tamper with your vehicle or even when it's being towed from a no-parking zone. So basically no more sudden tow surprises! Plus, it tracks your driving history and monitors your speed, giving you various sorts of driving insights. Qubo has different versions of the tracker for bikes and cars, starting for ₹1999.

On the back of this announcement, Qubo has also rolled out a digital campaign showcasing real-life scenarios where these trackers can be lifesavers. There are four films in this campaign, currently running on Qubo’s YouTube and social media platform.