Ray-Ban’s Meta Smart Glasses lets you capture videos

A fusion of style and technology

If the simple act of shading your eyes wasn't enough Meta announced their new generation of Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses. Announced at Meta Connect they claim they have baked up a whole new batch of upgrades to their previous generation of glasses.

Under the shade, the glasses are powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform which should allow higher-quality photo and video processing. This paired with the Ultra-Wide 12 MP camera means less time taken between shooting 1080p videos and sharing them with your friends. The camera can shoot under-60-second footages, letting you capture short clips of all your adventurous exploits. You can share these videos by a “send a photo” voice command. You can also live stream your POV on Instagram and Facebook directly from the glasses.

New speakers have been integrated into the glasses that are said to offer extended bass, a higher peak volume, and improved directional audio with reduced audio leakage. The device is also claimed to deliver improved calls, music, and podcasts even in noisy or windy environments. Also, the new five-microphone array should give you a better and more immersive audio recording.

When it comes to looks, the shades come in the classic Wayfarer style as well as a new Headliner design that has that retro style to it. Both designs will be available in the standard Matte and shiny black colour styles. This being said if you like a more naked style showing off all the tech inside they also come in new transparent colourways namely Jeans, Rebel Black, and Caramel.

Meta has put the glasses on a diet to slim it down and make it lighter. The glasses come with an IPX4 water resistance rating, however, if you still want to take them off before damp situations, the glasses come with a sleek charging case which holds up to eight additional charges (a total of 36 hours of use).

Last but not least your own personal Meta AI is also integrated for when you need company. The glasses start at $299 (₹25,000 approx).