Red Bull Racing unveils the RBS#01 e-Scooter with a top speed of 28mph

Taking two-wheelers to the Max!

With the Driver’s and Constructer’s Championship safely clinched in Red Bull’s hands, most fans are feeling a sudden need for speed. While it may not be too easy to get into an F1 car or even the simulators, Red Bull Racing’s new e-scooter– the RBS#01, may just scratch your itch. 

With a Formula One-esque design, worthy of Adrian Newey’s team, the e-scooter delivers a top speed of 28mph (45km/h). That said, it is definitely more suited for urban life than the RB-18s (despite the brand’s efforts to prove the cars can do anything). You can expect to see these RBS#01s hitting the streets soon.

It wouldn’t be a Red Bull in 2022 without the signature red and black livery. It brings some interesting features in the form of drilled brake discs allowing for sudden stops, perfect for Indian roads. When it comes to power, it packs on a 750W electric motor with a 760Wh battery unit. It can eke out about 37 miles (60km) of range on a single charge.

The larger-than-average wheel rims and tires of the e-scooter offer better balance during rides even in difficult terrain. The carbon fibre design gives it a more sturdy and durable build but keeps it light (much like an f1 car). It weighs just 23kg! You should have a stable drive on the e-scooter without much porpoising, even on Indian roads.

Here’s the kicker… the RBS#01 comes with a $6,000 price tag (about ₹4.9 lakhs). It is now open for pre-order where you will join a waiting list after making a $600 deposit. There is no indication as of now for when the first deliveries of the RBS#01 will be made and the number of units produced. But hey, you can really call yourself a super fan while cruising on one of these, even if you don’t have a super license!